Black Top Street Hockey ... it's ON!
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Black Top Street Hockey ... it's ON! A new trend for urban sports, Black Top Street Hockey requires "...very little skill, but a lot of pent up aggression and hatred." Well, not really, but the Voice thinks it's kewl and among the best leisure sites of 2001. Reminisce about your own experiences, get some phat accessories, sticks and goals, and you'll be all set. If you're still looking for Xmas gifts, you might be too late, but you can read about the hockey experience.
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This is fantastic -- (BTSH) -- but unfortunately is in NY. I'm always looking out for locally organized sports events put on by slobs like me. I really like sports (like soccer, volleyball, bowling, football, and capture the flag) but I can't really keep up with any players that are middling to good -- I need to play with rank amateurs to have any fun (well -- except at capture the flag -- I'm a pro. really.)

Is anyone up for this in SF/East Bay? Rob Someone set up a great CTF meet last spring on SquidList, but I only made one of them before it apparently went defunct (and it was great fun).

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I'm looking for PDX peeps to play, if anyone's interested.
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There are occasionally pickup games at Foothill junior college on the weekends, and the Netscape parking lot in Mountain View.

Drop me an email if you know of any pick up games and/or leagues in the South Bay.

Sharks v Panthers 7:30. Anyone see that Marchment hit on Brashear? Brashear is 6,2 230 and Marchment knocked him completely off his feet.
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