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That's what I want!
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Wechsler ... That's eponysterical!
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This person went to my college, and he was sort of a legend - I was introduced to him once, while he was doing some dangerous-looking experiments with bending heating wire. The side mirror desk is still in one of the classrooms, and I think he's also the source of the clear plexiglas-topped desk that has a complex pattern of multicolored gum visible under the desk.

And he also sneakily installed a piece of permanent sculpture at the college, not shown in his portfolio. There is a big concrete slab in the lawn out front, with a little formal marker saying "Robert Wechsler Memorial Slab 2000-2004". It's easy to miss and kind of confusing if you find it. You just have to find somebody who knows that he was a sculpture student, and that the slab actually dates back to when the college building was built for a World War II marine air base.
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Cool cash. I am in your debt, sir.
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I actually saw these in the money issue of the New Yorker and thought " I wonder who did these; they're really cool." Thanks for posting.
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These are really cool. I am also really glad he fucked up some nickels, because I nickels piss me off.
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We were promised change, and here it is...
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I'd be curious to know if he's selling any of these pieces. The difference between the sale price and the face value of the coins used would amount, one could argue, to a private form of seignorage. Though given that seignorage is defined as the difference between the face value of money and the cost to produce it, we'd probably need some new term. Episeignorage, perhaps?
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And would you have to buy them using coins, so he has material for the next pieces?
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Delightful! This is the kind of artist I would like to have been, if I could have been an artist!
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I really, really like these, and I have seventy-five cents and a hacksaw... hmmmmm.
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I thought this was going to be about J.S.G. Boggs, the money artist, but the book about Boggs (1999) was written by Mr. Weschler, not Mr. Wechsler. [Boggs in the blue 10 years ago]
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