Bring Back Those Glorious Years
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Everything's Coming Up Profits is a new book by Steve Young and Sport Murphy detailing the Industrial, Corporate Musicals of the 50s-70s.

On their site you can hear some of these glamorous summaries of Shareholder meetings and new products for Sales Trainings from such giants of the stage as Minute Maid, GE, Allied Chemical, Chevrolet, Ford (tractors) Edsel, Exxon (and other Oil companies), Westinghouse, and American Standard Toilets.

Bonus: in some places, the industrial musical never really died.
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A friend of mine is a lighting designer whose big-ticket gigs used to be designing and running lighting for big corporate events. However - none of them, so far as I've heard, had a musical component.

I may send him these links as a sort of "there but for the grace of God" exercise.
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No no, not that Steve Young (though I recall hearing rumors about him since he married very late in life..)
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Oh suuuuure, your company could hire songwriters and dancers to make a sales pitch.

But did your company have it's own anthem?
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I genuinely enjoy of The Eight Seasons of Chromalox and I've listened to it dozens of times.

Oh God, the WFMU 356 Days Project was ten years ago?
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Corporate anthems... So many corporate anthems.
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It's stupifying to think how much rhetoric is spent convincing people that semi-oligarchic financialized corporate capitalism is the best possible method for allocating the resources of a society.
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Sport Murphy was the genius driving force behind the amazing but short-lived Long Island band the Skels back in the college-radio '80s/early '90s. To this day he remains one of my favorite songwriters.
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And who can forget Allan Sherman's albums for corporate sponsors Encron ("Allan Sherman Pours It On") and Scott Paper ("Music to Dispsense With")?
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