This ain't your daddy's Monster Mash.
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Looking to freshen up that old October playlist? Allow me to recommend Halloween Booootie, three free, full-length compilations (2009, 2010 and 2012) of bootlegs and mashups all perfectly themed for your next graveyard smash.

But do you want some more? Are you looking for, dare I say, the real wicked shit? Then please, step this way...

Horrorcore is a hip-hop subgenre characterized by brutally explicit lyrics describing violence, sadism, serial murder, cannibalism, necrophilia, and similar charming topics. References to horror cinema abound, and samples from horror movie soundtracks and dialogue often feature prominently.

Every year since 2003, October 30th has seen the release of a new volume of Devilz Nite, an ongoing series of compilations featuring tracks by underground horrorcore artists from all over the world. Older volumes are archived here, and, of course, they're all free.

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Lame Monster Parties: Fact
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Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, spooky scary!
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That reminds me - did I miss the annual 2013 Juggalo Gathering FPP?
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MC Lars, YT Cracker, and Schaffer the Darklord did my favorite horrorcore song: Do the Bruce Campbell.
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This is highly relevant to my interests. I had no idea the Devilz Nite mixtapes existed and I am so excited to dig in. Thank you!

Some of my favorite horrorcore records:
Esham, Closed Casket
Gravediggaz, 6 Feet Deep
House of Krazees, Home Sweet Home
Twiztid, Mostasteless or W.I.C.K.E.D.
Blaze Ya Dead Homie, 1 Less G N Da Hood

And a few of my all-time jams: Murder Murder Murder, Serial Killaz, The Night They Kame Home, Nosferatu.
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Nothing that isn't wrong with a dozen other songs we've heard so many times they induce involuntary cringing whenever we hear them.
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Initial enraged outburst aside, in reference to this:

This ain't your daddy's Monster Mash.

I should say that when I was a kid my dad had a jukebox and we did in fact have a 45 of Monster Mash (which I loved then and love now) and so I very much do think of it as my daddy's Monster Mash; because we had it on the jukebox, I was the only person in my seventh-grade science class to get extra credit on a test on Halloween for knowing the singer of the Monster Mash (Bobby "Boris" Pickett). This is a point of dubious pride.
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I had no idea Bootie did Halloween mashups. Thanks for the pointer!
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If you like this, you might also enjoy DJ P's 'Hell on Wheels' mix.
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Peace, Mrs. Pterodactyl. I love "The Monster Mash," own this album on CD, and have been known to bust out a dead-on Bobby "Boris" Pickett impression at parties. I just thought y'all might enjoy a change of pace.
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Mrs. Pterodactyl, now I know we should have invited you to our wedding. I happened to find a new (or at least, surprisingly clean) pressing of Monster Mash as a 7" record, so my wife and I agreed it would be our first dance. (We also had an active volcano cake, and a graveyard cake. No, we weren't married in October, it was June. Why do you ask?)

Anyway, I'm particularly fond of Hallowe'en dubs, and I'm more than happy for more spooky music.
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Oh, my ultimate favorite for Halloween compilations are Spook Party and Ghoulorama. So so so so good.
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This is JUST what our party needed! We have a friend DJing who is very good, but I plan on handing him a few "must plays" from these.

In particular, "Love Will Tear You Apart" is the grand mashup that it was always destined to be. And from the third disc, "The Killing Mash" is nothing short of uncanny. Un. Can. Ny. I tells ya.

Thank you VERY much for sharing these, FoB.
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I like my hallow'een mix with more Disney, John Williams and Marilyn Manson. This mix by c0pyr1gh7 was featured on Solid Steel one year.
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