Luckily I was able to quickly sample my screams of pain
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Banjo Gyro, one of the weirder videos on YouTube, is a short film about three restaurant employees—Sammy, Bill, and Finger—who hunt demons. Sort of like Invader Zim meets David Lynch's "sitcom" Rabbits.
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beavis & butthead
+ nightmare
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The fifth world

is leaking

again (this last one is nsfw).
So - if a crew of people with schizophrenia were behind Pixar, this would be the result?

I really like this. It's confusing. It's comforting. I love the synth lines.
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It would have been more enjoyable to me if the voices were a little more intelligible.
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Stand back, Sammy. This may be out of your mind.
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Samizdata, I am listening on a nice pair of Sennheiser headphones at work and it's much easier to understand than my computer speakers (which are actually fairly decent)... I agree that it would be nicer to understand them.
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