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Type:Rider is an exploration of the history of typography, from cave paintings to the modern day, in which you play a colon (which navigates something like a motorcycle) traversing a landscape composed of various fonts.

Reviews have been positive, calling it "a clean-cut ode to the more attentive (and beautiful) side of typography", "one of the most whimsical and artistic adventures you’re likely to ever experience on a mobile game device today", and "one of the year's most intriguing games", while praising the visuals as "some of the most gorgeous that I’ve seen for a game in this category, hands down". The music is gorgeous, including a main theme somewhat reminiscent of Bastion.

Available on Android and iOS. And rumor has it that there may be a hidden world that, yes, allows you to confront typography's modern-day Boss Monster, Comic Sans.
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in which you play a colon (which navigates something like a motorcycle)
Forget Movember. I just figured out our latest cancer-screening mascot!
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Looks suspiciously similar to NightSky.
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Don't bother trying it on an iPhone 4S. Even on the lowest quality video settings it's slow and jerky, making it difficult to play. Also, it crashes regularly, after most levels.

I would try to offer an opinion on the game itself but it's hard with those frustrations. It looks and sounds pretty, I suppose.
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