December 22, 2001
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The journal Nature reports the discovery of how red wine protects against heart disease. Its long been known red wine helps but now we know why. Cabernet Sauvignon had the highest impact.
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Summary: polyphenols from the grape skins, rather than the long-suspected anti-oxidants. The polyphenols are not present in white wines, which don't have the same effect.
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Belly up to the bar! And while I'm there I'll be thinking about those (pre-homeless terminology)folks once called Winos who now have the last laugh; their pioneering work in the field justifies their years of sacrifice in the the name of science and validates the grass roots research in marijuana medicine I've seen. It's not pretty, but someone has to get drunk and stoned for the greater good.
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Unfortunately, some folks just can't drink red wine (it gives me headaches). "Pharmacologically active substances found in food include histamine, tyramine, tryptamine and serotonin, which may be consumed in foods such as red wine, cheese, yeast extract, avocados and bananas. In susceptible people, these foods can trigger urticaria, facial flushing and headaches."
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Meanwhile, in other news....

I think the scope of claims being tested is quite different, but the ping-pong opinions on this food or that food being good or bad makes me just sigh and keep eating what I'm eating.
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I have long wished for a site that would track research results on high-profile dietary issues. There is a LOT of contradictory information released in the press, with no context and, therefore, little way to resolve such apparent conflicts.
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Though - on the other hand too much red wine makes you fat (ask um.... my.... friend. yeah, my friend...) and excess fat can lead to heart problems.

Where do you draw the line?
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Does this include Boone's Farm?
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um, so why not just eat red grapes or drink red grape juice?? if alcohol is not 'active ingredient'....
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