Rain, rain go away...
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I am installing some gutters in my house. I hate gutters, but need to divert the rain water due to issues we have had with mold and moisture under our house. As outlined here. The gutter along the back of the house will have a single downspout. It comes to a corner where a cement patio starts and "can" drain onto that area, which has a gentle slope towards the front of the house and the street. But we are thinking about the following as alternatives plans: Using a rain barrel for collection, but I hate the black pickle barrels I see everywhere and not sure what the best options are. If we use a barrel, I would imagine it fills very quickly, like one storm would overfill a 50-60 gallon barrel? Am I completely off on that? (I live in central Los Angeles) The other option is that we are pulling out a large tree that is right where the downspout is going to be and I thought why not dig a big whole and back fill it with gravel and turn it into a leech pit, is that a crazy idea, any thoughts on the best way to do that? And lastly, do people ever run there rain water into their sewer line, is that legal? Thanks MeFites
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I think you wanted "Ask Metafilter" for this.
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Hi, you probably meant this for ask.metafilter
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