A Celebration of Those Who Have Passed.
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Burlesque star Bunny Pistol shows off her method for applying decorative face makeup for Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead), while also providing a little history about the holiday. [via]
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The final result is surprisingly disturbing, when she turns her lips into teeth.
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I did this for my wife last Halloween. I think it came out pretty great.
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This is pretty much my 9-5 makeup minus the face and teeth.
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People considering using this makeup tutorial for a Halloween costume might want to read through this blog post: This is not Día de los Muertos -- Appreciation vs Appropriation.
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Mod note: Let's try to at least start off this conversation without sideways swipes at the politics of the authors of links not even in the FPP, ok?
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I have really mixed feelings about this.

I've mentioned this here and there on the blue before, but a series of coincidences and choices led me to start writing about Latin alternative/rock en espanol music. I'm very aware of the fact that I am a white person writing about music that's not even remotely from my culture, and I try to be as responsible about it as I can be. For me, "responsibility" means learning the language, paying attention to other writers and artists coming out of these countries, reading about the political and social events in Central and South American countries, and knowing when to put the work of the artist in this political context and when not to. I've also talked about my father here before, and how his death was one of the defining moments of my life. Dia de los Muertos holds great appeal for me both as someone who writes about rock en espanol and as someone who lost a parent at a young age and under horrible circumstances.

On the other hand, writing about this culture always makes me aware of the fact that I am not Latin American, and there are things Latin@s have experienced that I will never have to go through. As much as I love the look of sugar skulls and what they represent, actually donning the face paint is a line I don't feel comfortable crossing. Sugar skulls mean something very specific in the context of Dia de los Muertos and for me to paint my face to look like a sugar skull would be disrespectful to the Latin@ community, in the way that Kesha wearing a war bonnet was disrespectful to Native Americans. As cool as this clip is, it just doesn't sit right with me.
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