Enron and India: is there more dirt hiding here?
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Enron and India: is there more dirt hiding here?
Enron's monstrous failure sure seems to have been triggered --or at least propelled-- by the fallout between them and India over the $3B Dabhol Power Plant near Mumbai that Enron backed out of earlier this year. Maybe it's just a coincidence...but does anyone else think there's more here than just bad business between Enron and India?
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Considering that India and Pakistan are two highly-volatile nukers all wrapped up now in Bush's war on terror---and they are on the verge of war themselves--- I'm just wondering if Houston-based Enron (aka 'Bush-buddy') had more than just it's fingers in India's power pie.

A sampling of the Enron/India dealings [all cnn]:
Indian agency enters Enron dispute. | India says it will not buy Enron out. | Enron files for arbitration with India. | Enron blasts India as unworkable. | Enron bankers meet amid finance questions. | Enron preparing its exit from India> | Enron in Chapter 11 filing | Enron makes Whitewater look like peanuts.
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Regardless of the volatile nature in the Indian sub-continent, MNCs are queuing up to get a piece of the world's largest middle class market. I am actually glad Enron backed out of Dhabol, I was never quite liked Mumbai paying an arm and a leg for electricity.
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Former Enron Corp. CEO Jeff Skilling defended his record at the now bankrupt company, saying Friday he'd done nothing wrong and Enron's collapse left him heartbroken.

Oh, Puhleeze!!

Enron's political gifts haunt Texas politicians
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