The industry term is "ritual".
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A Ghost Story is a web comic that follows two unlicensed and semi-illegal "paranormal exterminators" who work as ghost busters for hire in a world where ghosts are so common they are widely regarded as household pests. Using unconventional methods and their connections to various shady dealers of occult items, the duo meet new "friends", ruin everything for everyone and are usually the driving force behind city wide panic.
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Just read through it, I really enjoyed it, I just want more pages!
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Just starting to read it; I like the sort of smudgy art style a lot.
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Oh hey, it's Bea's comic! Never thought I'd see it here so quickly. I love all the characters she's come up with for it and I'm really excited to see them show up. I'd recommend heading over to her tag for the comic over here if you want to see a ton of really hilarious little side stories and sketches about it.
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