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'Colonic' by Emily Haworth-Booth the winner of the Observer/Cape/Comica graphic short story prize 2013. Interview
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Well written and observed. I enjoyed it.
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....I feel like I'm missing something to be honest.
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I think it might be quite rooted in the British experience of complementary health care providers, not sure how similar that would be to your local experience with them.
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We underestimate the fine performance of the human digestive system at both ends, I suspect.
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Hrrmmm. (Goes and eats a veggie so I don't ever have to do this)
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Holy crap I was livejournal friends with her little sister in like 2001. The internet takes this gigantic world and compresses it in a neat way.
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antiquated: no matter how few veggies you eat, nobody actually has to do this. It's "complementary medicine". And colonics actually aren't even good for you - they have no known benefit and risk damage to the colon.
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We underestimate the fine performance of the human digestive system at both ends, I suspect.

I would recommend Mary Roach's Gulp as an end to end overview - colonic irrigation barely scapes the surface when it comes to weird and unnecessary procedures.
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Nice enough comic. But why are all modern comics like TV? Talking heads mainly, the same scene with minor changes. Maybe they were always like this? I suppose most people are just used to TV as their paradigm. But I grew up reading the best of Jack Kirby, and Ken Reid, and Winsor McCay, and Frank Hampson, and Don Lawrence and Ron Smith and Reg Parlett, and EC, and... maybe it was because paper was expensive, or maybe it's that children have short attention spans (though I read a LOT), but every frame was dynamic and different. We don't see that much now.

I remember when comics were a unique medium, they did stuff you simply could not do on TV or in text. I miss that.
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EnterTheStory: I think, certainly in this comic, what you have described was probably a conscious choice on the artist's part.
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Guardian Books Podcast 'We discuss the state of comics with Observer/Cape/Comica prize judge Rachel Cooke and two former winner'
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