Maid training camp
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"One of the most important aspects of the interview is to check the tidiness of the future help. Lam Ling checks the hands of a student." In a beautifully shot series, French photographer Gratiane de Moustier depicts the Indonesian women and Hong Kong employers who are linked together in global care chain, beginning at their training camp in Java to their final place of employment in the homes of Hong Kong families.
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Heartbreaking. All these people want is a chance to work and make a future for their family. Then, before they know it they become victims of bonded slavery. About the Indonesian politicians and work agencies that support this practice? Every one of them deserves to go through what they put their victims through, in addition to jail time and public shaming.
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I came in to say the same thing as Vibrissae. Let's also not forget the Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar.
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Thank you for posting this.
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