Thru Tokyo
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Thru Tokyo Kutiman (previously) has a new video featuring the sights and sounds of Tokyo.
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Amazing. Beautiful. Cathartic.

I still remember seeing Thru You on Mefi a few years back, watching the videos, reading the comments, then going for a bike ride. Berlin, early March, the sun setting at 4pm or so, although it had never really been out. Just flat endless grey along the edge of the shuttered Tempelhof airport. But everything suddenly felt so exciting and vibrant. Anything could happen, anything would happen ... this gives me that same feeling.
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The "previously" link only works if you're logged in.
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Wow. Do I really live here? I have to get out a bit more, I think ...
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I try and stay in touch with stuff, how has it taken me so long to hear of this guy? Thank you!
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Yes, gotta love that Maywa Denki guy.
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Wow, I assumed the "previously" link would go to the original Thru You thread; I had no idea he'd been featured repeatedly.

Thru You is one of my favorite works of art made in the last 10 years, but that thread is also one of the best of Metafilter. So much wonder, so little meh.
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Amazing ear for amazing art.
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