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What If POLITICO Had Covered the Civil War? Playbook, Emancipation Day Edition
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Funded in part by a grant from the Cornelius Vanderbilt Foundation...
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Needs more hyphens e.g. "bi-partisanship."

Tigerbeat on the Potomac, indeed.
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News source of choice for vapid Very Serious People. It deserves a better parody, though, for all the far-right bullshit they've enabled with their "opinions differ as to shape of earth" coverage. Reading Krugman's skewering of these assholes is one of the highlights of my day.
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What If POLITICO Had Covered the Civil War?

It would have looked like it looked when the NY Tribune covered it.

Horace Greeley's 1862 editorial in the NY Tribune "The Prayer of the Twenty Millions" and Abraham Lincoln's open reply are typical of the infighting and stridency of American politics (particularly amongst Republicans) of which Politico is only a modern manifestation.

I abhor the fantasy that America was EVER a country where there was political harmony or that this should be some sort of goal.
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I came to say what Three Blind Mice said better. Why do we need historical parody, when you can just go look at the historical documents themselves? Hell, a Congressman nearly beat a Senator to death with a cane on the Senate floor!
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I don't see this is a parody of partisanship or polarization as much as one of Playbook's fervent love of process stories. (See: the Emancipation Proclamation minimized as "for policy junkies," followed by a lot of discussion of the potential political blowback.)

Regardless, worth it solely on the merits of "Morning Jehosephat," which should absolutely be a real show.
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The point of the parody isn't that we need to harken to a prelapsarian comity, but the way that Politico (as epitome of the courtier press) exemplifies horserace bias.
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