Here's what American Muslims think.
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Here's what American Muslims think. What do you think? They come off modestly better than they did in a poll conducted in England a month back. But then, no embarrassing questions were asked this time.
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The poll (Zogby is Arab, I believe) is a good indication that Muslims in America identify substantially with Muslims elsewhere--typical "they are my brothers"--and this indicated by the less than decent support for Bush on Terroism (compared to non-Muslim America), and also on a few other issues that reach beyond our shores but impacts upon this or that Muslim community elsewhere.
What is clear is that unlike most other religions, Muslims are Muslims and thus to be looked upon favorably, no matter what, in countries that may be terror-supporters, dictatorships, or distinctions made but a rally around the Cresent attitude.
Is this good or bad? I am not prepared to answer this at the moment though I tend to think not. a good thing.
posted by Postroad at 6:42 PM on December 22, 2001

Postroad, I really don't think its a good indication of that at all, at least not any blind-support for Muslims everywhere. Its certainly no different from what you'd see from American Jews when asked about Israel policy (just shifted the other way).

Saying American Middle East policy lead to the attacks does not mean you think the attacks were a good thing. In fact, only a moron would say this DIDNT have something to do with how US actions in the Middle East are perceived (how distorted those perceptions were are the matter for debate).

60% support Bush's actions, and there seems to be about a 50/50 division over whether America should have used military force or focus on changing middle east policy in general.

This doesn't seem shockingly biased to me, and it certainly doesn't seem like the kind of blind-support-for-Muslims-whatever they do you are suggesting the average Muslim has.

Three-fifth (61%) agrees, and one fifth (22%) disagrees, that
the US should reduce its support of undemocratic regimes in the Muslim

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The majority (55%) of Afro-American Muslims voted for Gore... Wow! So much for 1/10!
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What I found interesting was the split between Bush and Gore for Arab and African Muslims. Did this have anything to do with the Bush family's position in the oil industry? Do Arab-American Muslims feel connection or loyalty to the industry that has made their nations of origin so rich? Or are there other reasons?

I also would have liked to see more info on opinions about US pop culture and global capitalism, since one of the fundamentalists' major objections to the US seems to be the way US culture is forced on them.
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I felt it was an insightful poll. The most interesting part, for me, being that more of the American Muslims polled were Democrats versus Republicans (40% to 23%) and strongly in favor of big government programs (93% favor universal health care). Yet, the majority are very conservative in supporting the death penalty (68%), opposing gay marriage (71%), and making abortions more difficult to obtain (57%). This may explain the Gore/Bush split.
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The poll (Zogby is Arab, I believe) is a good indication that Muslims in America identify substantially with Muslims elsewhere

You know, if I had pointed out that a certain pollster was a Jew with an underlying intent to somehow point out that the poll was biased, I would rightfully be torn a new asshole. Yes, Zogby, founder of the respected Zogby and Associates polling firm, is an Arab. YOUR POINT?
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