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If regular coffee bores you and you are looking for something more with your caffeine boost in the morning, you should probably look no further than Kohei Matsuno's unique style of 3D coffee art (via)
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I like my coffee like I like my sandpaper. Ruff!

I haven't had my coffee yet.
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I thought this was a double, but it turns out it is just another barista being awesome in a similar way.
I love this stuff.
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If regular coffee bores you

Usually I'm too half-asleep to be capable of being bored by my morning coffee.
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It's not that regular coffee bores me, but this coffee entertains me!
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I see he practices on his hair.
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Wait, he works on each cup for 5 minutes? I'll take my coffee still hot, thanks.
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It's like some sort of zen koan. Hot coffee, no animal.
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Coffee is utilitarian; it's not about beauty or even, frankly, flavor. It is hot, bracing, and comforting in its routines. Attaching so much ceremony to it seems bizarre to me.
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or even, frankly, flavor.

This statement is belied by the who-knows-how-many-dozens of discussions we've had about how to make good coffee on Metafilter alone, not to mention the web in general. It's okay if you don't care about the flavor of coffee (and, as long as we're blandly casting aspersions, are likely burying it under lots of milk and sugar), but assuming the same for everyone else doesn't seem like a well-supported premise.

(Next up: Coffee vs. Tea - Which One Rules, and Which One Drools?)
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I actually drink my coffee with only a half-teaspoon of sugar, thanks. I even buy beans from a local roaster and grind them just before I brew them. In a French press.

When I say it's utilitarian, I mean that has been its social role: office workers drink it, cops drink it, construction workers drink it, soldiers drink it. Most don't care anything about its flavor, just that it's coffee. There is ceremony around it, it provides a meditative break in the day; but I don't understand why things like this (or the more traditional '2D' art in cappucino milk) have arisen around it. I recently read the book Uncommon Grounds, and it's interesting how recent this change in the attitudes toward coffee are; as recently as the 1980s, Folger's and Maxwell House were the main brands, and something like this was unimaginable.
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I blame hipsters.
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