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Well, good on them. Everyone needs a smile now and then, and they helped with that in a harmless inoffensive matter.
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This is pretty great but I want to know more about why they have to point at the striped signs.
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The story as I heard it was a conductor wasn't paying attention and closed the doors on someone leading to the train dragging and injuring them. No idea how accurate it is.
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I think that black and white board indicates where the conductor should stop the train at each station. It's not so much that they are point to show they are "paying attention" but that they are confirming that the train is where it's supposed to be.
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This is about opening the doors, if the driver pulls up short or slightly overshoots the platform, then the doors at one and or the other could be unsafe to open.
The conductor is in the middle of the train and controls the doors opening, the zebra signs are in the middle of each station. Presumably all the pointing is caught on CCTV giving a recorded position, date and time of each stop.
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perhaps i am humorless, but it woulda been a lot more fun if the signs weren't either weirdly prurient or --- i dunno - talking a selfie while driving? - that is a bad joke. cellphone use during operating a train is something for which a driver would be fired (and actually led to a deadly event out here in CA, though that was texting). so it's inappropriate and vaguely incriminating towards the drivers. it's a bit like when someone wears an offensive halloween costume. the "dead sexy" was the only one that made me smile, because it was a compliment, if one played along. which the drivers had no choice but to do.

but i guess i am bean-plating it. overall, it was a fun idea, and a cool bit of trivia to learn about.

and ah ha... (editing) i see they are conductors, not operating the train. that makes it a better joke. thanks, Lanark for the clarification.
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Lapolla, the conductor and the "driver" (train operator) are two different, non interchangeable assignments in NYC. Train operators are only at the front of the train, and aren't required to point at anything, although they do have to take note of a playing card sized placard they are supposed to stop adjacent to. So, since conductors never drive the train, that "taking a selfie while driving" sign could only be referring to behavior in their personal automobiles. Presumably they wouldn't be fired for doing that.
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Dang, you just beat me to it, exogenous! Great video!
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They also point to confirm they are opening the doors on the correct/platform side of the train. Open the doors on the wrong side and people could fall out over the third rail.
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Some more curved stations, where they can't see all the doors up and down the train have video monitors near the zebra stick too so they can see all the doors to make sure they are clear.
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I'm now having an interesting conversation of FB with a couple of MTA guys about this.
Confirmed that it is used to make sure the doors are opened on the correct side of the train and actually in the station.
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Loved this - all we get in Boston are a bunch of idiot passengers who have to be told AT EVERY STOP to watch out for the doors closing and to make room for others. EVERY SINGLE STOP.
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That's not just Boston.
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