A Freeform Chicken-Flavor Explosion
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Real Kitchen as Alinea -- This Halloween, Chicago take-out cafe Real Kitchen is dressing up as modernist Michelin-starred restaurant Alinea.
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It is very weird to see a place that is in the same strip mall as "your" 7-11 on the Blue.

(The food at the 'real' Real Kitchen is actually quite good.)
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Man do I love this.
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It's a nice send up of the molecular gastronomy fad with deconstruction and edible art. I love how it still gets that essential fine dining experience about being able to brag to your friends about how you scored a really awesome reservation but now you can eat in the comfort of your own home.
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Ha! Love it! Not sure why it's Halloween instead of April Fools, but maybe it's a Chicago thing.

I think it was Next Iron Chef where Ming Tsai was always making "deconstructed waffles/spaghetti/whatever" and it just drove me nuts. And he lost.

The dessert to-go reminded me of TGI Friday's Cookies & Cream with Oreo Cookie Crust served to-go.
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Not sure why it's Halloween instead of April Fools, but maybe it's a Chicago thing.

Yes, kinda sorta. One restaurant, Lula Cafe, has "dressed up" for Halloween for many years. I am not aware of anybody else doing it before now, however.
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Also, that dessert scene is a direct riff on something Alinea at least used to do.
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I loved the announcer stuttering when they brought out the krazy glue.
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GOM the thing they reveal at 2:06 is some serious serial killer shit. God help us if the next Jeffrey Dahmer learns about molecular gastronomy.
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My favorite was when Ritual Roasters dressed as Zombie Starbucks employees for Halloween
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Love it. MCMikeNamara, we must be neighbors--that's "my" strip mall too.

Chicago restaurants Lula and Fat Rice are teaming up for a special halloween treat this year as well.
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That's awesome. Incidentally, Fat Rice is off-the-charts deliciousness. If I end up on death row, my final meal will be the Arroz Gordo dish from that joint. $42 and worth every penny.
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I liked the video even more when I finally figured out that the young woman of the couple was Jamie, our server last week at Gather in Lincoln Square.

Quick mind, expressive smile, perfect mix of informative service and fun interaction. The food was already good, but she elevated the experience.
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Alinea has a sense of humor too. Previously. Not as funny as the perfectly parodied dessert created on the counter then squeegeed into a to-go container, but still.
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