Canopy Cats
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So... I have no idea how these cats got their bodies wedged into trees, or why.

Oh... I know the reason. Because cats are jerks. Canopy Cat Rescue will send a certified arborist to rescue your cat and provide evidence which will surely be rich fodder for your social media needs.
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Great, now cats are just going to pretend to be stuck up a tree just for the free headshots.
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Oh, it's outdoor ceiling cat.
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If they are anything like my cat, replace the word tree with outside. Oh shit, I'm outside! OH SHIT, I'M OUTSIDE. HALP.
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This cat's face doesn't seem soiled. I simply can't imagine why it's named that.
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I'm very respectful of the talents of anybody who can face down cats who are that angry and still has a face to do it with.
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Fencing mask and foundry gloves, I should think.
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The fencing mask should make retrieval easy; the cat just clings to the mesh of the mask with all four paws, and then you just climb down.
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Cat watches certified arborist come closer and thinks "now there's a social climber"
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My childhood cat rarely got up in trees (one time we knew it was to escape a dog chasing him), but the stupid neighbor cat got stuck in a tree on the property line multiple times. My mother would make my step-father take the ladder and work gloves out and get the cat down. He’d always say “It’ll come down eventually – you never see cat skeletons in trees, do you?”
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Some of them look downright serene, like they are up there relaxing and taking in the view but that Siamese, man I'm actually worried for the tree in that case.
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Being the Crazy Cat Lady, I'm like, "Holy jeez! Don't take pictures! Just get them down already!!"

Except that one cat. That cat is pissed.
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Oh, poor babies. I'm glad there's a service in to rescue them, if only in Washington.
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There are more services than only Washington, just look here.
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You never seem to see a cat skeleton in a tree.
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A decade or so ago, when our cat FruitBat (it's what she looked like as a kitten) was just a year or so old, she'd frequently get stuck in trees when left out overnight. One morning when it was raining heavily, I heard the faintest of mews from outside; yup, there she was, higher in a tree than I'd ever seen her before, and waaaaaaaaay higher than I could possibly climb.

After a period of trying to coax her down, I finally got so agitated myself that I started getting creative. I had some 2x2s laying around from a project, so I nailed a couple together to make a 20 foot pole, used some bungee cords to attach a laundry basket to one end, and then climbed a ladder about 20 feet into the tree. I raised that pole up to the limit of my reach, knowing in the back of my head that there was no way that a cat who wasn't smart enough to climb down was going to get into a laundry basket hanging in mid-air.

Shockingly however, it only took her about 15 seconds to work up the courage to get in the basket. As I was lowering her down, I think I was more scared than she was.

Anyway, that's the last time she ever climbed a tree. Silly cat.
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I once saw the FDNY block off an entire block, set up their truck with the bucket, and lift a firefighter into a tree to get a cockatoo.
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It's good practice with the ladder and the street cones.

And it prevents a stupid cat from getting itself stuck up there.
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See neighbor's cat meowing piteously from tree. Open can of tuna. Place under tree. Watch from window and see cat climb down tree and eat tuna. Go outside to get cat. Watch cat zip up tree. Lose all sympathy.
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I like to think they were driving by and thought "that cockatoo is worth like 3k, lets stop and grab it" only to end up with a firehouse cockatoo.
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Six weeks after first getting my cat I had came back from holiday - a cat sitter had been feeding her - and discovered my cat was on the roof of my house. Furthermore, because the house was terraced, the cat could wander up and down the street on the roofs of my neighbours. She sat there bellowing and generally looking stuck. I knew my ladder wouldn't reach and most people didn't have space for a long extension ladder, and was not looking forward to asking the fire brigade to come and help me.

In desperation I opened up an upstairs window and called her. That is when I discovered that my cat could get up and down from the roof at will via an extension at the back of the house.

So now, from time to time, my neighbours are treated to the spectacle of me coming home from work and having an animated conversation with my cat the length of the street in which she walks along and berates me loudly for not getting home earlier to feed her and I order her to come down RIGHT NOW off other people's roofs.
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My indoor cat gets up on the fridge, goes to sleep, and me, forgetting there is a cat on the fridge, sits at a nearby desk sometimes working and sometimes watching American Horror Story. Then WHAM twenty pounds of cat slam into my head and neck as my cat uses me as basically a cushion for his fall. I'm all, yeah, but guess who's the emergency meat around here, buster.
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My cat Merlin used to get stuck in trees every now and then. He'd usually start scrambling up the trunk, and about halfway up pause and realize "fuck, I'm climbing a tree, what do I do?" He'd always decide to continue climbing, but with a little less determination. We'd just have to wait until he screwed up the courage to climb down. Cats can climb down trees; it's just really awkward because they're going backwards, so they don't like it. But Merlin always did it.

One day, when I got home from school Merlin started yelling at me, and I followed him into the yard. The neighbor's cat had gotten stuck in one of our trees, and Merlin wanted me to do something about it. I did the same thing I always did: stood at the base of the tree for several minutes and said encouraging hey-kitty words until the neighbor cat climbed down. Merlin hung out with me the whole time.

Merlin watched her run off to her home yard, and then - I'm not sure if it was territorial behavior or just peer pressure - ran up the same tree. "You're on your own for this one," I told him.
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You don't see skeletons because the trees absorb the decomposing bodies. You didn't believe that tale about trees being made of air, did you?
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I had a cat that got stuck on the very top of a telegraph pole. I hadn't seen him for a day or two and then I just chanced to catch sight of the furry fool right there on telegraph pole outside my bedroom window. The top of the pole was maybe 10 inches diameter.

The fire brigade came with their sirens and flashing lights on, for fun. A big fire fighter guy in full outfit came down the ladder holding my cat in one hand like a Diet Coke ad.
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