United States Devil Map
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Can't decide where to go trick or treating? Jonathan Hull has created an interactive map of all the places in the U.S. with words like Devil, Hell, or Satan in the name.

(visualizing.org, previously)
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Hell, Michigan isn't chthonic; it's named for the German word for "Bright."
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It would be cooler if you could actually see the map...
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Granted, it's not particularly diabolical, but they missed out on an opportunity to include Blood Mountain, GA and other creep-sounding places. Of course, there probably aren't many places to trick-or-treat up there, either.
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Personal fave: Kill Devil Hills.
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Hell, Michigan isn't chthonic; it's named for the German word for "Bright."

Anchthonic it may be, I nevertheless have in my possession several photographs taken on a snowy cold day there. I missed Satan ice skating to work, but it was a dam site colder than it was bright.
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Hunh! Finally found Seven Devils Mountains, but much too slightingly represented, seeing as there's a He Devil, a She Devil, a Devil's Throne, as well as a Devil's Tooth. Black Imp and Baal are not to be sneezed at, either. On the low side, there's Devil's Canyon, Basin, and Scuttle Hole. Wet places are the Devil's Basin, the Devil's Washtub on the Malad River, the Devil's Creek, Washboard, Gorge, Lake, and Punchbowl. Can't forget the Devil's Bedstead, Ladder, Corral, and Gate. He has his own Playground and a Slide, as well as two Kitchens. There are several Devil's Elbows and one Devil's Toenail. The only Satan I know of is Satan Lake, unless you count the Grave of Satan, the biggest steer, in Kuna, Idaho.

These are just the places I know of, mostly here in the south. Don't know how well Ol' Scratch is represented in the northern part of the state, but I'm betting he got around up there as well.
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Devilishly hard to read. Curses, foiled again!
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He missed the entire Hellroaring Plateau in Montana. It's at 10,000 feet. Got caught once there in a snow/thunder/lightening storm on the 5th of July. Interesting walk out being the tallest object for three miles and carrying an aluminum fly rod case.
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Well, that's one hellacious interface.
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Looks like fodder for Supernatural fanfic.
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