Animated GIFs and other art from Matthew DiVito
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Matthew DiVito is a motion graphics designer and an aspiring game developer, whose current specialty is animated GIFs that are hypnotic and beautiful. You can see a series of his animations on his Tumblr and a few individual works on Cargo Collective, which has a few of his short videos from Vimeo
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I heard of his work recently through the Gifpop Kickstarter, a project to make lenticular prints of animated gifs. They also link to two other gif artists with somewhat similar styles: 89-A and Davidope - and they remind me of Bees & Bombs as well. There's a whole genre of this stuff!
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Really great stuff! I've seen a few of these, but not full collection. Especially like the low poly 3d ones, very hot right now.
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Three quarters of the way through this suddenly reminded me of biology animations for the process of fertilisation and I had to go looking for one to link here. Then I found this. And now I think Mr Div should respond.
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This screams to be viewed with the Beyond the Black Rainbow soundtrack as accompaniment.
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Those are seriously impressive. I'd love to see how he makes them.
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I'm not sure how he got the over-saturated lighting and film grain just that way, but it's insanely perfect.

It's like these were filmed on 16mm in 1978.
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Those are seriously impressive. I'd love to see how he makes them.

Here's an interview he did with Creative Review, in which he touches on the process:
CR: How long does it take you to put one together? And can you tell us a bit about the programs you use to create them? Is there a limit to how long the animated sequence can be?

MDV: I usually spend anywhere between one to four hours on any single gif. I typically will use some combination of Cinema 4D and After Effects to create the animations and Photoshop to actually save out the gif file. As I alluded to earlier, keeping a gif under tumblr's file size limit is a big part of the technical and creative challenge of the whole process.
When typing in Matthew DiVito in Google, the first prompt/auto-complete is for Matthew DiVito tutorials, but they mostly look to be Cinema 4D tutorials, or stuff from Matthew, not actual tutorials from or by him.
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