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Restroom Ratings is a site where you can scope out the possible nastiness of a bathroom before you need to go use it. Most of the rated bathrooms seem to be centered around the Minneapolis, MN area. You can even send a restroom e-card to your friends (or enemies).
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Hey! The urate section has stickers you can print out so you can post your own ratings around towns!
I was sort of expecting a rating site like those "AmIHotorNot" type sites, guess not!
posted by Keen at 1:54 AM on December 24, 2001

If a men's room with a trough urinal can get a rating of six just cuz The Artist Formerly known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince once peed there, I would be unable to take any rating the Restroom Ratings site gave to any restroom seriously. The service is not remotely useful, as the rating system is painfully subjective.

Cleanliness. Privacy. Availability of amenities. These would be more objective criteria. Not whether or not Prince pulled out his schlong there. Any trough mens' room designed to treat human beings like cattle shouldn't get a rating higher than one.
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dang.. take it easy.. i've actually used the first ave troughs and yes they are better than you would expect a trough in a night club to be.
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Manero: I expect much from my night club troughs. What can these troughs offer me that, say, the one in the club I frequent can't. The one in my club is behind two doors and then around a corner offering plenty of time for the solitary urinator to stop making patterns when ever someone else comes in. What facilities do these offer and are they worth travelling from England to MN to see?
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More lovely toilet talk happening here.
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also check out and for related info.... :P
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I am actually, oddly enough, in mad love with trough urinals. For the benefit of the folks in the east bay/sf, here's a short (and incomplete) list:

starry plow (before remodel).
cat's club

there's a LOT more. i'm just far too absent minded to recall them. hopefully there will be other folks to fill the blanks.
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This page would also be of more help if it were listed by the place that the toilet is, alphabetically at least... or am I missing something?
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"I would be unable to take any rating the Restroom Ratings site gave to any restroom seriously."

Dude...... Perspective. You're taking a toilet review to task and insisting on more stringent urinal rating criteria. Have a freakin cookie or something.
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for those in the nyc area, this insider tour may be worth considering.

not only fun, but useful too. you never know when you'll find yourself far from the office with nature calling. if there's no starbucks around, you simply can't be sure of finding sanitary facilities.

also, the tour guide looks like someone thoroughly steeped in public restroom culture. i don't doubt his competence.

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