Your Quarterly Pomplamoose Mashup PLUS Ritual Beard Sacrifice!
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Everyone's favorite twee cover band Pomplamoose has a pretty cool new video to go with their mashup of Royals/Loser/California Love. Soy un Perdedor Royal. Enjoy.
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I thought Jack Conte's speech at XOXO was terrific and I think it's interesting and clever what he's been doing with these projector set ups, but I've yet to hear a Royals cover that's better than the original.
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I've had a soft spot for Pomplamoose since their Single Ladies cover. Video projection is really being heightened lately.
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I'll agree with gwint, but so far this one with Puddles the Clown ain't too shabby.
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Sometimes I think the secondary difference between people who do this incredible stuff, and those of us that just click through it, is these guys have no idea what their time is worth! (The primary one is they actually have ideas, but it's way harder to actually stick with an idea until you're really done than it is to come up with them.)

I cannot imagine how mindnumbing and time consuming that must have been. And it's frickin' awesome. So, I'm glad!

Also, ALL the XOXO videos were worth watching. I wasted a lot of time clicking through those the last few weeks.
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So much fun!

Seriously, projection mapping seems both so simple and magical all at the same time. Like most magical things, so much of the work is hidden behind the results, but wow.
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All effects in the following video were created with a single projector, pieces of white foam core, and an electric beard trimmer.

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Everyone's favorite twee cover band Pomplamoose

Except for Walk Off The Earth who have done their own Royals cover, minus projector, plus didgeridoo (and with beards left intact).
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Don't miss the plug on the YT site/link - they are playing with Imogen Heap this Friday, November 8.

Kinda short notice for me to get up there from SoCal...
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Thanks oneswellfoop, that was awesome too. Interesting how one little song can inspire so much.
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what is booya sauce?
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I like their stuff (and nothing against this post), but I wouldn’t call them “twee”.
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