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My Lai, Sexual Assault and the Black Blouse Girl: Forty-Five Years Later, One of America’s Most Iconic Photos Hides Truth in Plain Sight
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Jesus. I thought i already knew the worst about My Lai.

And we wonder why some people are so cynical. So often they are right. And that is just awful.
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Simply horrible. We dehumanised the Vietnamese so much, that they were just so much meat.
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It was a hot day in the jungle.

Colin Powell
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Rape culture and war culture seem to be one and the same.
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It's horrifying, but not as bad as what I expected to read.

I thought the big reveal would be that the photographer had participated.
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My Lai 45 Years Later—And the Unknown Atrocities of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan

Mai Lai was not an aberration...it was the rule not the exception. The “Black Blouse Girl" was one among a multitude.
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We were shits during WWII also, even after the war ended. Many of these incidents were hushed up to avoid blowback from the locals.
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The "Plain Sight" link is currently a 404 for me.
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Bummer, yeah, seems like we're murdering it. A do-over at some point when there's a more robust hosting situation going on would be great.
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