Joyeux Noël
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Joyeux Noël from Paris ! I hope everyone around here is having a great time with their friends, families and/or relatives, wether you celebrate X-mas or not. Besides being a commercial outrage nowadays, it's a time for giving/sharing, spending time with the loved ones and feeling like a child again. So : "yay !"
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Man that was an obnoxious web page.... (I hope I don't get coal for this one)
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Just out of curiosity, for those of us that do not celebrate Christmas, why is this "a time for giving/sharing, spending time with the loved ones and feeling like a child again", as opposed to any other time of the year? Really, shouldn't we do all those things year-round? I understand for those people for whom Christmas has some sort of religious significance, but for many of us, those sorts of things (perhaps minus the feeling like a child again ;) ) shouldn't just be relegated to a few days a year.

IOW, yes, enjoy this time with your family, the giving and sharing that makes us human -- but also keep that same spirit next month, next spring, next year, for the rest of your life. Those are the important things in life, not just at the end of December.

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Regardless of the many myths surrounding Santa Claus, the truth is that he lives at the top of Korvatunturi (Ear Mountain) just north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, where, among other things, he runs his own radio and internet tv stations. God Jul, y'all!
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Gah, please don't post sites with embedded midi music! Or at least give us a warning...
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Joyeux solstice d'hiver. Cet an si, ca c'est passe le Decembre 21. Si la festivitee est astronomique plutot que religieux, c'est plus egalitarien.
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Merry (self-link) Christmas!
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That ER guy is one handsome man, I'm tellin' ya.
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actually it ALWAYS happens the 21 loudmax, and you're right (i mean, christmas at first was NOT a religious day, it was about beeing happy because the days start to grow again (more sun, at least !!!!) - then christian people decided to get this day for them, then again coca cola decided it was theirs (they 'invented' santaclaus))
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