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The original storyboard to the title sequence (previously) of Batman: The Animated Series (previously)
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This is included in my PRIZED CHILDHOOD POSSESSION, the big concept art book for the series. How much Deco? SO MUCH DECO. They even had a picture detailing all the things they couldn't show in one frame (violence against kids, drug use, religious icons, etc)

This kind of oversight meant that, in "Baby Doll", Bats can't hit Baby's enforcer (Cause Batman can't hit a woman and that is mimicable) but he CAN shove her through a wall.
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Best Batman ever.
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Oh, man. Those last few frames are even more epic in still form. Chills, I tell you!
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It's nice to see some of the detail that gets lost in the dark animation colors, not that I'd change anything about the Dark Deco style. I love the DVD commentary track for "On Leather Wings" where Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski talk about having to lighten the darkness of the color lest it trigger the automatic commercial broadcasts that run when a show cuts to black at the end of a act.
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Cannot look at it without hearing the music.
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Best Batman ever.

I beg to differ.
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If you're a B:TAS fan, this Fatman on Batman episode with series artist Bruce Timm is essential listening. IIRC, they discuss the opening sequence at length. These commentary tracks with Paul Dini are also great. And the two with Mark Hamill are just delightful.
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I always loved this opening - how the hoods aren't tired at all after scaling a building that is at least seven stories high, yet they're still helpless against Batman.
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Chris Sims explains why the Batman: The Animated Series opening is the best thing ever.

(Edit: Oh, sorry, it's on MeFi already. Didn't turn up in site search, but did turn up in Google.)
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