Welcome to Incarceration Nation
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Martin walked into twisted world. He confronted an unrelenting, prison yard mentality in the Miami locker room. Mass incarceration has turned segments of Black America so upside down that a tatted-up, N-word-tossing white goon is more respected and accepted than a soft-spoken, highly intelligent black Stanford graduate. According to a story in the Miami Herald, black Dolphins players granted Richie Incognito "honorary" status as a black man while feeling little connection to Jonathan Martin. Welcome to Incarceration Nation, where the mindset of the Miami Dolphins' locker room mirrors the mentality of a maximum-security prison yard... I don't blame Jonathan Martin for walking away from the Dolphins and checking himself into a hospital seeking treatment for emotional distress. The cesspool of insanity that apparently is the Miami locker room would test the mental stability of any sane man. --Jason Whitlock
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Pro sports are like other all-male, liminal enclaves?

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The racial issue makes an issue that the media is already going to cover poorly even worse but I'm glad to see Whitlock's take on it.

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Maybe all the links can go in the existing thread?
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