Bill Ingalls: 25 years of photography for NASA
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If you've seen images of NASA, you've seen the work of Bill Ingalls, Project Manager and Senior Photographer for NASA Headquarters, who started out as an intern with NASA, and has worked now for the agency for 25 years. You can see a ton of images on the NASA HQ Photos account on Flickr (plus non-NASA photos on his personal Flickr account), and he even has a few short videos on Vimeo. You can read about NASA photographers, including Ingalls, and hear Bill talk about his work with NASA and photography in general in this 365 Days of Astronomy podcast (related: the super moon photo, and Neil deGrasse Tyson's response to the super moon hype).
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Bill Ingalls previously, with a dead link to his old site, and a focus on the Soyuz rocket rolling to the launch pad.
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Perhaps tangentially, I recently asked on AskMetafilter about the possible provenience of these photo portfolios of the Soviet Mir and Buran space programs that I stumbled across a few years back in a thrift store. As a result of one of my posts at the recommended forums I was recently contacted by an administrator at a Russian space photo archive, who's interested in the photos and has asked for higher resolution scans, which I'm going to try and do tomorrow. If so I'll add them to that flickr set.
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I finally came across a NASA photo by someone other than Bill! But as is the case for Bill, finding anything except photo credits for Jim Grossman is a challenge.
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