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What Is Missing? is artist and architect Maya Lin's (previously) last memorial, this one to vanishing species and habitats. [Via]

The Pace Gallery exhibition mentioned in the Orion article: Here and There
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Gorgeous site!
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This is gorgeous, but may not work in Firefox for all users (didn't work in Firefox for me--if you're seeing a black screen and hearing birdsong but not seeing or hearing anything else, try a different browser). It's also way more interactive than most sites, so I especially recommend trying out any of the ocean locations.
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Great site, be sure to zoom in on stories.
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Wow. That's just a neat website. I'll have to talk to the oldsters about adding a memory.

Maya Lin is a fantastic artist and architect.
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Thanks for this, our beauty & tragedy, and the power of technology to tell the story.
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Ugh - Westerb Black Rhino down. When do the worlds richest companies and people step up to do their part and help protect species rather consume them as symbols of power, wealth and virility?
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When governments force them to. There's no leverage for citizens to change corporations. In theory citizens of a democracy could enact laws that push the wealthy and powerful to change.
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Gorgeous and elegant!

Although I'm tempted to add "memories" for the Great Lakes and the Black Sea, all of which seem to be missing from the map.
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Maya Lin's (previously) last memorial

Her last or her latest memorial?
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Both, if I understood correctly.
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