Oil paintings of the life and times of an elderly superhero
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Life and times of a ageing superhero A really nicely rendered collection of oil paintings depicting the daily life of a elderly but active superhero. It would be nice if this was part of a story some day. Here is a link to the artist Andreas Englund.
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No power for Super-Botox or Super-Facelift?
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Lovely! I like his 'Aww, geez' posture in the mushroom-gathering one.
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I know, right?

"I just wanted to pick some mushrooms, guys. *sigh*."
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It's interesting that the "anonymous super-hero" logo is a virtual photo reproduction of the Punisher's logo. Punisher is both mortal and pissed-off stubborn enough to keep going should he live to this age, but he has more sense than to wear spandex tights even as a relatively athletic younger man.
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