Is it OK to kill cyclists?
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A New York Times Sunday Review article asks "Is it OK to kill cyclists?" and comes to a few conclusions that Bike Snob NYC finds fault with.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I kinda feel like barring really exceptional circumstances, "here's a button-pushing opinion piece about a fight-starter of a topic and also someone talking about how crappy that piece is" isn't really a whole lot better of an idea for a post than posting the opinion piece by its lonesome would be. -- cortex

And there is something undeniably screwy about a justice system that makes it de facto legal to kill people, even when it is clearly your fault, as long you’re driving a car and the victim is on a bike and you’re not obviously drunk and don’t flee the scene.

How is this a Generous Concession To The Other Side and not, like, the whole conclusion?
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Huh. If you agree with Bike Snob, do you become one?
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Thanks for posting this cccorlew. I don't read bikesnob with any regularity these days, and I was glad to see his vitriol has not abated.
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