The Body Shapes Of The World's Best Athletes Compared Side By Side
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We've been fascinated with the ideal human form since ancient Greece and before, although that ideal form has been constantly changing. And perhaps this multitude of body shapes in their peak form - and utterly different - should tell us something about the futility of looking for ideal forms.
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Well, they all have ONE thing in common. They're all in a lot better shape than ME!
posted by TDavis at 1:36 PM on November 12, 2013

I love how David Zhuang (table tennis) is rocking that "Ladies..." look.
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This is a few years old - Alonzo Mourning???
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It's eleven years old.
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Interestingly enough, not one of the women matches the fashion-model 'beautiful woman' trope: a few of the guys do, but none of the women have that giraffe-tall + starving look we're all supposed to wish for.
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I forget the SF story, set in an elaborate society established in free-fall orbit, one of the subcultures thought the perfect form would be the closest to a perfect sphere. A truly "Noooo" moment reading that.
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We saw this before, and it wasn't hosted on a terrible aggregator site.
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