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The Nextraterrestrials are a little-known group of underground rappers, producers, and DJs originally centred around Ottawa and Toronto in the 1990s with a sci-fi/conspiracy-theory/metaphysics/outer-space bent.

Members include Mr I/O (Mysterio), Kelron Magnanimous (now known as Nick Knox), Eternia, Mindbender and Conspiracy of Supreme Being Unit, Aleus and Stubs of Isolated Showers, Governor Bolts, Fritz tha Cat (Vice Magazine), Wing Able and others.

Ottawa's Zoomalactics, whose "Pro Kid/So-So" was released on cassette only in 1993/1994, were Nextra's precursors. In 1995 and 1996, teenaged MCs and twin brothers Mindbender and Conspiracy released their debut The First Great Pyramid under the Supreme Being Unit moniker while based in Ottawa. The next year they released Mental Reverse / Spiritual Rebirth. There is another more recent reunion album of theirs called In Space No One Can Hear You Rhyme.

The Nextraterrestrials released the Coda Quota in 1999

MindBender on Nextra
, Ottawa, and the difficulty facing underground artists in Canada. Mindbender on bandcamp.

The Mars Project is a 5-minute documentary about Khari of Supreme Being Unit that focuses his mental illness and drug use. Conspiracy's page on bandcamp featuring an extensive number of releases of varying quality.

Eternia on Soundcloud

Many of the rest are difficult to track down online and I'm not sure if they are all still active. This is a pretty obscure little corner of the music world.
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Awsome, you mentioned these guys before right?

This is neat:

Conspiracy - Blackstar

Black Star - Definition

BDP - Stop The violence

Also This one is awesome:

Conspiracy - Leaders of the New School

referencing This classic performance on Arsenio Hall
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Yeah a recent souls of mischief thread got me sort of reminiscing about these guys and I've been rediscovering their music. Ottawa was nowhere near ready for this stuff back then, there was not much of an audience or support but for the few of us hearing this on 5th generation dubbed tapes .
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Mindbender on bandcamp. Thats the Harry Fraud beat from Bird on a Wire right ? He sure is angry at Action Bronson.

Imma go listen to the rest. So far Exodus is my favorite. Thanks for the post.
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Eternia's stuff is fantastic and just keeps getting better.

As for the others, most of that was before my time. Ottawa in '94 was more a Claymouth and Bertha Does Moosejaw kind of scene.
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Ha, Bertha Does Moosejaw! I got to know a couple of those guys over the years, they are good folks. The band I only remember for the time they came out on stage and played the Super Mario music for what felt like 10 solid minutes
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