This is ODD.
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This is ODD. I was reading a flash/videogame forum and clicked this one looking for more video game information. Any info?
posted by Niahmas (21 comments total)
Here is a Mirror of the old site ?
posted by Niahmas at 9:48 AM on December 27, 2001

irritating porn pop-ups come with link

Niahmas, warn us of these things, please.
posted by ashbury at 9:56 AM on December 27, 2001

No pop-ups for me. ashbury, are you running spyware?

This smells like a hoax. 'Florida Univeristy'? The language is not how scientists write; rather, it sounds like what a layperson might believe a scientist would write.

Wild-Assed Guess: maybe something related to Majestic?
posted by Slithy_Tove at 10:13 AM on December 27, 2001

It's always charming to read the fruits of a such a dedicated schizophrenic's labour.
posted by Pinwheel at 10:14 AM on December 27, 2001

Speaking as someone familiar with scientific writing, let me pronounce this totally bogus. Not a word rings true. Also, note the redundant honorifics of the author: Doctor Timothy Johnson, Ph.D. No one makes that mistake in the real world.
posted by Faze at 10:25 AM on December 27, 2001

[Speaking as someone familiar with scientific writing, let me pronounce this totally bogus. ]

Agreed - It's either fake or extremely disturbing that people with that technology write like that.

What's with the pop-up's? I did not get any and feel left out...
posted by revbrian at 10:30 AM on December 27, 2001

Leaving aside the spelling and punctuation mistakes ("saught"?), this would never, ever get past a modern ethics committee. Since the Milgram experiments psychologists are not generally allowed to mess with your mind too severely - and they certainly aren't allowed to crack web sites to further their research. Consider - even if you, the dedicated but loony psych researcher, want to do this, where could you publish?
posted by i_am_joe's_spleen at 10:36 AM on December 27, 2001

Wow, I just got the weirdest error while viewing this page!
posted by revbrian at 10:58 AM on December 27, 2001

revbrian--pop-ups come with the "mirror" link.
posted by ashbury at 11:01 AM on December 27, 2001

Gotta be a hoax, but the phone number and address is legit (looks like an attorney's office rather than an M.D.): Johnson Blakely Pope Bokor Ruppel & Burns Pa.

Also, searching by the domain name found some interesting pages within the site. Definitely a cracker's domain... "TheBlueDeamon" came up in one of the hits.
posted by bschoate at 11:24 AM on December 27, 2001

Did anyone bother to call the phone number?

"Good afternoon, Johnson-Blakely".

posted by mr_crash_davis at 11:25 AM on December 27, 2001

Beaten to the punch.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 11:28 AM on December 27, 2001

This hoax reminds me of a web version of the secretive group in the movie "The Parallax View." In the movie, this secret group recruits people with anti-social behavior to be brainwashed to assassinate political figures.
posted by stevis at 11:46 AM on December 27, 2001

someone "finger" the domain and find out who registered it and when. looks like a "majestic" prop, as slithy_tove pointed out...
posted by rhizome23 at 1:56 PM on December 27, 2001

the address is right....
hmmm has some interesting info:

I found out today how to build an A-bomb. Its really simple, in a way. All you do is take an atomic core surround it with plastic explosives and WALLA you have one atomic bomb. If you want i can explain why, or how this works. Just reply :)

Its ViRiOn here. Just thought I drop little presents for our porn fiends out there, enjoy.

and is interesting....

posted by jeff318 at 2:35 PM on December 27, 2001

Every link I click on at the page is dead.
posted by suprfli at 9:10 PM on December 27, 2001

I agree. If I could get there from here...

Although, from reading your comments (and being an ex-Majestic player - BAD customer support), it doesn't seem a prop...
posted by Samizdata at 9:49 PM on December 27, 2001

looks like the website is being run off a home pc in new york via road runner cable:
posted by rhizome23 at 10:50 PM on December 27, 2001

This seems to be an elaborate net hoax. Abused child grows up and cons herself into believing she was part of a government conspiracy.
posted by geoff. at 11:14 PM on December 27, 2001

Replace "net hoax" with "conspiracy theory".
posted by geoff. at 11:15 PM on December 27, 2001

the site's down, now. kinda interesting
posted by Dom at 3:21 AM on December 29, 2001

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