A bigger threat to our way of life than Russian Communism
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Brass Tacks, a BBC documentary / studio discussion programme from 1977, looks at the burgeoning phenomena of punk rock. (SLYT)
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There are several soundbites in this that I will be sampling for use with my punk surf band next weekend. Thank you!
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I understand that very few punk rockers had access to nuclear weapons.
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Excellent documentary, thank you!
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I love literally everything about this, and I desperately want someone to track down everyone at the punk table and find out what they are like today. TIA.
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"we haven't done what the unions do-"

Don't have time to watch the whole thing just now, but I would love to hear him expand on that. (The Teds were still a thing in 1977? Who knew?)
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Worth watching just to see John Peel's contribution.
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Say what you will about the tenets of Bolshevism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.
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last night, i saw a ramones t-shirt for sale in j c penney's

the revolution is SO OVER
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Those talking heads in the studio are amazing. I now understand Monty Python much better than I ever did before.
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My main moment of WTF was the fact that phoneins were already a thing.
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