What if Rob Ford were a Methodist minister?
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Every once in a while the British tabloid press does something wonderful. This is one of those times.

The Rev'd Paul Flowers was paid £130k a year as chairman of the Co-op bank, one of the icons of the British Labour movement, which has just had to be bailed out by a hedge fund. That is a grimy little coda to the collapse of Old Labour. But here is the squalour repeated as farce: he found the experience so stressful he had to snort cocaine to recover:

"In one text, Flowers wrote how his plans for a party were 'turning into a two day, drug fuelled gay orgy!!!' In another, he boasted of how he was 'snorting some good stuff'. That was sent on the day he was first scheduled to appear before the Commons committee, but the session ran out of time to hear him."

Connoisseurs of the genre will also appreciate the comment of the man who filmed him and ratted him out: The video and a series of damning text messages were handed to The Mail on Sunday by acquaintance Stuart Davies, who was 'disgusted by his hypocrisy'

The two had met on Grindr. Davies is 26, Flowers 63.
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