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Film Crit Hulk smashes a terrible victim-blaming Salon article, and along the way takes on rape culture in general. "THE TRUTH IS THAT THINKING IS JUST SO SOUL-CRUSHINGLY WRONG ON A MORAL AND (AS HULK WILL HOPEFULLY PROVE TO YOU) A PRACTICAL LEVEL TOO. AND BECAUSE OF THAT, HULK JUST HAS TO TALK ABOUT THIS ISSUE ONCE AND FOR ALL." Case conversions available here if preferred.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: hey, maybe this is an especially good commentary on a subject (rape & victim blaming) that we've hashed, re-hashed, and fought over a whole hell of lot over the years? If so, maybe post again tomorrow with a bit of an explanation of what makes this particularly post-worthy, and you can fix the Salon/Slate error at the same time. Thanks. -- taz


The article in question is actually from Slate, not Salon, and is almost certainly this one: (Deliberately not linked as Film Critic Hulk didn't link).
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