Lee Reid wrote Musink with his feet
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What could be more impressive than learning to program, and then writing a complete new music notation program? Doing it with your feet.
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This looks like a pretty excellent tool for basic engraving. I will be downloading this.
posted by hanoixan at 4:06 PM on November 18, 2013

Ha! Thanks for the dose of awesome!
posted by Alexandra Kitty at 4:15 PM on November 18, 2013

Whoa, that's insanely impressive. Serious dedication.

Voice dictation for programming is very, very, very painful, although it seems this guy has found a pretty good strategy.
posted by rlio at 5:06 PM on November 18, 2013

This. Is. LEGIT

I've been looking for a way out of Finale...definitely will be checking this out.
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Bravo for such courage.

My daughter's in her final year of medschool and recently shared with me a paper she wrote on a patient who had similar symptoms: acute pain in his arm with no obvious or curable cause. But the guy she wrote about wasn't so lucky in having determination and intelligence, and after ten years of pain he elected to have the arm amputated. Tragically, the pain remains.

Life is such a fragile flower.
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Holy shit, I have spent the last year working pretty hard on a side project and it's currently at about 30000 lines of C code, and I was thinking, yeah, baby, I'm hot shit and a bag of chips. And I have full use of my hands and fingers and am a pretty good typist. This guy's code is at least 35k lines of code done with foot controlled mouse, or with voice recognition software with which he must speak out every character. The mind boggles. Seriously, seriously impressive.
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I read that as Lou Reed Wrote Music With His Feet and thought, huh, that's something I didn't know...
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This is an impressive piece of software even if you don't take into consideration what it took Reid to produce it. If this were available for Macs I would drop Finale like a used kleenex.
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2nd instance of Finale hate in this thread. What's the problem with Finale?
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