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Regular viewers of the delightful weekly public-access program The Chris Gethard Show know that last night, host Chris Gethard announced that the show has received a pilot order from Comedy Central. For those not caught up on the madness, TCGS's full archive is available on Youtube and Blip.

Comedian Chris Gethard (previously) chooses his 10 favorite moments from the show.

He also appears on an episode of Pete Holmes' podcast You Made It Weird, where he gives a warm, funny, and strikingly honest interview, in which he reveals getting passed over for a previous late night show opportunity that later went to Holmes, and seems at peace with the idea of possibly becoming the Ramones of comedy (influential, but never a commercial success).

Fingers crossed for a series pick up, losers.
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I was going to make a post about this but you beat me to it! It's also worth linking to the show's main site.

If you're a comedy nerd it really is worth watching the show chronologically, it took me and a lot of my friends only two episodes to get hooked. Since it's not realistic to ask people to watch over 100 hour-long episodes here are some highlights:

#19: The Great American Presidential Debate: A debate between TCGS' homegrown presidential candidate Connor Ratliff and The Rent is Too Damn High Party candidate Jimmy McMillan.
#28: Ruin This Show: The panelists, guests, audience, and callers band together to ruin this broadcast.
#29: The Dominatrix: Chris has to host the show while under the control of a professional dominatrix.
#35: Checking in with Alyssa: A young fan of the show and regular caller makes an appearance on the panel and is surprised by some of her comedy idols.
#52: The Genuine Sadness Episode: One of the most amazing hours of television ever.
#90: Who Needs a Haircut?: Zach Galifianakis gives haircuts to all comers.
#106: The Villain's Journey: Works as a counterpart to #22: Random Andrew and the Hero's Journey and requires some knowledge of how the show operates but contains one hell of a twist.

I just picked out 7 episodes that were particularly high-profile but there are so many other amazing episodes and I really enjoyed watching the show in order as bits and characters developed. I'm curious and a little apprehensive to see how the show will adapt to a network format but am pretty stoked that they might actually start getting paid for the work they put into the show.
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I love this show and can't recommend it enough. It's absolutely my favorite thing.

Not covered in the post is how excellent the music bookings are. The musical guests run a very wide gamut with the only real connection being that they're all at least pretty good, whether they are well know or not.

I'm optimistic about the transition to Comedy Central so long as they maintain a level of interaction with the audience (where my ratzles at?!?), don't have it too scripted, and keep the same caliber of comedy and musical guests. All of which I believe they will be able to do.
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Also, if you really get into it, definitely watch the 12 hour election special. And try to do it in one go. It's a brand of insanity like none other.
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I am most intrigued.
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I honestly never knew a thing about Gchris Gethard or the show, and now I want to watch all of it. Thanks!
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This is great. I loved his interview on YMIW, but haven't gotten into the show yet. Even if I end up not liking it, I really liked him as a person and hopes that he's successful.
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Aw, good for him. I only met him once very briefly in my improv days about 8 years ago after a UCB show, and he's just such a nice person. He didn't have to be, because he didn't know me from Adam.

Back then I would go to all the improv theaters in Chelsea when I wasn't in some class or practice group, and see people like him, Kristen Schaal, Aziz Ansari, Ellie Kemper and Dion Flynn (he's "Obama" on Jimmy Fallon) perform. I love hearing and reading about the talented people who are making their way in this field, because it's so, so hard, there is so much competition, and you have to sacrifice so much to stay the course.
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My band The Shivering Brigade was on #60: Truth or Dare
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Isn't this the second pilot that Gethard has had ordered for next year?
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I've seen a bunch of eps and it never really caught for me, but I just watched "Ruin This Show" and it ruled times a million, so now I have high hopes for Chris. Go Mr. Get Hard!
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The Chris Gethard interviews on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show are both great listens as well, especially hen he talks about his time working at Weird New Jersersy.
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Isn't this the second pilot that Gethard has had ordered for next year?

He also currently has a deal with IFC to adapt his book into a series. Not sure when that is supposed to happen, but it was announced about a year ago and there's been little info since then.
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My band The Shivering Brigade was on #60: Truth or Dare

*removes hat for awesome Obscure Sandman reference*
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Glad you appreciate that one, John.
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