Bo Diddley’s Guide To Survival
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So is the bit about not sticking your head in the speaker.
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When Bo Diddley toured Australia a few years ago a reporter friend was going to interview him, so I asked her to get an autograph if the opportunity presented itself. She instead returned with a video of Bo looking directly at the camera, addressing me by name and advising:"If you want your woman to treat you right, you gotta keep her supplied with Vegemite"
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Number one rule.
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Just don't put your ears in the speakers.

Said before earbuds were common, I'm sure.
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He was my neighbor for a while, and in between still touring 300 days a year right up to the end, you could always count on him to play a spur of the moment charity show, for pretty much any cause you could imagine. His friends and family were legion (as a sports reporter, I watched his grandsons and granddaughters play basketball, softball, and volleyball, and drive race cars), and there was a point in many people's lives when Bo Diddley paid their light bill (hence the touring 300 days a year). Bo Diddley was the Auda Abu Tayi of North Florida - he really was a river to his people - and every bit as engaging and quotable. I have a pile of interview tapes in a drawer where he covers everything from health care to the elections to racial profiling by police to the Iraq war. Dude was a gift to the world. At the cemetery in Bronson where he is buried, his headstone says "pioneer, icon, pharaoh, originator, legend."
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In one comment on the FPP's comments is a reference to Monk's rules. A little more esoteric, but damned cool.
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MetaFilter: The bit about cows is especially useful.
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I believe this list appeared in the Dave Marsh book of Rock Lists. The Grand Marnier advice has always stuck with me.

In case anyone needed to be reminded of the man's authority: 1973. Dozens of viewings later, that vid still makes me loose my shit.
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