Bernard Parmegiani (27 October 1927 - 21 November 2013)
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One of the founders and pioneers of electroacoustic music is gone. Parmegiani was a prolific and distinctive electronic musician. His works are currently being played on radio.

Bernard Parmegiani, previously.
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Also, Parmegiani made and collaborated on many music videos:

Hors Phase

Entre Temps


La Création du Monde

Le noeud ardent ou septieme contrainte

L'Ecran Transparent

Also, a replacement for the broken link in the previous post: Labyrinthe and Un Mission Ephemere
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"...Gene?" *teddy bear shakes head 'no'*

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He was a frequent collaborator with animator Piotr Kamler. Besides the two films above, he did the soundtracks for Le Pas and l'Araignéléphant (The Spider Elephant).

I really enjoy his work.

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So sad, one of my favourite composers from the 20th century.
In 2008 his L’Oeuvre Musicale 12 CD box set was released and it is a miraculous world to explore.
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Theta States: I suspect that is what they have on loop on sfsound right now.
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Odd, I was just thinking about him for no apparent reason a couple of days ago. Maybe the news was on the radio in the background somewhere and I just didn't consciously register it?

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