Happy Black Friday Everyone!
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It has begun... Only a few hours in, Black Friday is shaping up to be the grand celebration of Americana that we have come to expect it to be. But for a truly objective look at the phenomenon, we must look beyond our shores. The Taiwanese, as is often the case, have figured Americans out better than we ever could ourselves.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I feel like we don't really need an annual cam-footage-of-crappy-behavior post just to say e.g. "that yearly emergent retail shitshow is happening again this year", goofy Taiwanese animation or no. -- cortex

I honestly, honestly do not understand. Maybe I am the weird one, but there are plenty of interesting and worthwhile gifts that I can buy for my family that will still be available for purchase three weeks from now. No 30 or 50% discount is worth losing sleep or subjecting myself to that.
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That's pretty much how we understand it in the UK too. Black Friday has only been a thing here for a couple of years (after all, we mostly don't know what Thanksgiving is), yet already the news is full of stories of fist-fights in Asda and old ladies being trampled at Currys.

Thanks for that, America.
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We could improve the show by pricing each individual item differently, so that merely arriving early won't gain you the best deal. Instead, you must examine the sticker on as many identical items as possible, items on the top shelf, like items carried by another person, etc. Absolutely revolutionary development for Black Friday!
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Yet another good idea, especially suitable for the U.K. : Install alcohol venders outside the stores before opening time, well drinking alcohol will help keep people warm while they wait for the store to open. ;)
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