Island of silt and sand
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So it's well known that apart from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, queen Elizabeth also rules the so-called crown dependencies, not part of the United Kingdom. The best known of those are the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands countries, Guernsey and Jersey. But who would recognise that other Channel Islands dependency, who could say even when presented with its distinctive outline that this is Jinsy?

Trying to boost tourism, especially to the parishes of Brownlap and Hoofan, the Jinsy tourist board has uploaded a series of both educational and entertainment videos to Youtube showcasing the best the Island has to offer.

In the educational series, there's of course the Jinsy anthem, a look at the island's ruler, arbiter Maven and his marvelous nose and the punishment roundup roundup, as well as a selection of elemental reports to give the visitor some idea of the local weather.

On the cultural side, attention is given to Jinsy's most influential but controversial fruit portraitist and the shortlived cupboard cult.

But as is only fitting, the most attention is given to the island local folk dribbler Melody Lane, whose golden grates like old brown corduroys, types of wood, David's Pond and the handbag song are loved by everyone in Jinsey. Also included is her friend Pam's smash hit far away.

Jinsy's best watched television show, Sandy's Choice also makes an appearance, with excerpts of the only talent show judged by a dog showing off famous songs like the licky licky song and the onion song.

If these do not make you want to book your next vacation on Jinsy, perhaps the sports pak or meal pak will.

Nightly bye.
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It's all on Crackle for free, btw. (YMMV. Works in Canada, but I have to turn off the thing that makes American stuff work here, so it might only work in Canada.)
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Turns out to have been written by two people from Guernsey - there's an interesting article about the local reaction on

I imagine it's extremely popular on Jersey and Alderney though.
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I think the mods should use the punishment roundup format: [User X did wantonly abuse language and decency in dealing with user Y. So that's not good. Punishment: withdrawal of posting privileges for two days... and a mild electrical.] *ZAP*
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Oh yeah.

Some years back some Hollywood snot decided to create a series set in Porterville, a small town not far from Bakersfield, in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. Unfortunately the writers hadn't a clue about the way those folks are, and missed some really really really good plot opportunities. Anyhow the show didn't last long on account of the Beverly Hillbilles was funnier (yeah, I'm serious...the BH set the funny bar so low it took a Limbo champ to get under it.)

For example, the writers didn't include an episode about the guy in the nearby foothills who'd escaped from East Germany by building a tank and crashing it through The Wall. He was an engineer of some sort. He bought a few dozen acres in the California hills, so he could live in solitary peace with his family. He may have been paranoid...he used to prowl his land with one of the two other tanks he'd built when he move to hills just east of Sequoia Nat Park, cruising the fenceline to make sure people noticed his keep-out signs. He would fire at them now and then, but he never tried to actually hit anyone. His daughter had a rough time of it, down at the junior high. And then--this was the last straw, I might add--when he built the flying saucer, folks had had enough. They sent the Sheriff's department out to counsel him. The deputy (my brother, Jim and his partner) weren't able to get to his house, safely, so they figured that as long as he stayed on his own land they would ignore him. He disappeared in the late 60's or so. So far as I know, nobody has claimed the reward posted for information about him.

(technically, now that I think about it, he lived in Fresno County...but still...)
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Delightful. I've realized that David Lynch's weirdness unnerves me because it's paced to give time for consideration. Things like this just keep pouring it on so you don't discover you've lost your moorings.

The chorus of Far Away reminded me of The Happy Wanderer, used in a Python-influenced segment of Fringe.
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Oh this is awesome ! Thank you MartinWisse for sharing this - and thank you Sys Rq for the Canadian source.
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who could say even when presented with its distinctive outline that this is Jinsy?

Well, nobody's going to take you seriously if you say it like that.
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