freemartin (n.):
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A sexually imperfect, usually sterile female calf born as a twin with a male calf due to the influence of male hormones during the development in utero. The Freemartin Calf is a 40 minute experimental fiction shot on black and white Super 8. The whole film is free to watch on Vimeo. It's written, directed and edited by Jayne Amara Ross, with a soundtrack by Frédéric D. Oberland released on the excellent Manchester label Gizeh records.

"The Freemartin Calf relates a day in the life of two women: a young girl and her mother, as they brave two very separate realities laced with a very similar pain, fueled by a dogged desire to both reject and conform to the societal roles imposed upon them. The film is a deliberation on the subject of the creative process: the importance of a belief in the invisible creative mechanism (represented by the female body), the angst associated with the inability to create and the part of us that we leave behind in the final product."
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I would like to see this, but I've decided that I loathe Vimeo, there's no way.
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I had to look up the word "freemartin" when I encountered it in Huxley's Brave New World.

That is all.
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Augh, autoplaying audio in the first link.
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