What's a proxy app for Chrome that works like Anonymox for Firefox?
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Is there an app like the Firefox extension Anonymox for Chrome? I have switched to Chrome, but I can't figure out how to use a proxy as easily as I did on Firefox.

Anonymox is great because it comes with its own proxies and configures itself. You add websites to a list it recognizes as you go along with the click of a button. None of the popular proxy apps/extensions available for Chrome are so useful.

Some extensions for Chrome asks you to find your own proxy, then configure socks and ports, and then add the websites you want to surf. That's a little beyond my skill set. I can't get the ones I tried to work.

I ended up installing a Chrome app called Positive Proxy. It put a button on my Google page. I click it, then I copy and paste a link into a box on their page. That's not what I want.

I am not the world's greatest amateur internet person, but I was able to find the Firefox solution for proxies (Anonymox). I'm surprised I can't figure out the Chrome solution. If I sound unfocused, it's because I'm not sure what the solution is: maybe I didn't install Positive Proxy correctly, maybe there's something obvious I've missed, or maybe the answer is "You have to find your own free proxy and configure it yourself. There is no anonymox for Chrome."

By the way, I have no relation to the makers of this Anonymox app. I never realized how convenient it is until I tried to switch to Chrome.
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