December 30, 2001
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An ancient 3,200-year-old papyrus map has led to the discovery of pharoanic gold mines in Egypt's eastern desert that will give Egypt one of the top 10 gold reserves in the world. The original pharaonic map, which is the world’s earliest surviving geological survey, was discovered in Luxor in 1820 and has since been on display in a Turin museum.
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très cool, stbalbach--thanks!
posted by y2karl at 9:21 AM on December 30, 2001

Could be the basis of the next Indiana Jones flick. :)
posted by riffola at 10:24 AM on December 30, 2001

Strip Miners of the Eastern Desert!
posted by xiffix at 10:31 AM on December 30, 2001


If you go to Luxor, you will be harassed from the moment you set foot outside the hotel, to the moment you return, and depending which hotel, when inside it as well.

Glad I got that off my chest...
posted by ajbattrick at 11:58 AM on December 30, 2001

It will be itneresting tosee if the Egyptian gov't can choose to now forego the billions in US foreign aid each year...
posted by BentPenguin at 12:04 PM on December 30, 2001

And then you'll immediately see a low-budget X-rated ripoff titled:

    Stripper Miners of the Eastern Desert!
posted by Steven Den Beste at 12:16 PM on December 30, 2001

BentPenguin, the reported total value of the find is equal to about what the US gives Egypt in about 18 months.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 12:17 PM on December 30, 2001


but what about the total worth of to the economy to build this industry and sell the gold that is mined? i thought economics wasn't a zero sum game.

mind you, i've only had a freshman level econ course. at a state school. in oklahoma. which explains quite a bit, actually.
posted by lescour at 2:16 PM on December 30, 2001

ajbattrick: Someone I worked with spent 6 months in Eqypt (Cairo) and said the exact same thing. Not only were they harassed for money, but just harassed generally - up to outright menacing. They lived in a "foreigners compound," with non-Egyptian guards (corporate security), and he told me after going to see the basic Egyptian landmarks and trying to blend in for about a month, they pretty much just gave up and stayed in the compound. Sad, since it seems like such a rich, complex place to explore.
posted by UncleFes at 9:50 PM on December 30, 2001

Well, the US does support the country (Israel) that basically kicked their ass in a very short war not so long ago. Can't blame them for disliking us.
posted by benh57 at 6:34 AM on December 31, 2001

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