It's strange how Eraserhead is
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Almost against my will, Eraserhead is my favourite movie.
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Man, I love that film. It's the Trout Mask Replica of movies.
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There are lots of interviews with the crew here, including Jack Nance, Alan Splet, Frederick Elmes, Catherine Coulson and Lynch himself. I meant to make a post of it, but never got round to it.
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Metafilter: Like trying to get a steel cat out of a glass jar.
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See it in glorious 35mm at Seattle's Grand Illusion Cinema December 6, 7, 9-12!
posted by altersego at 2:03 PM on December 1, 2013

I don't always love everything David Lynch has done, but he is a fascinating character to listen to. "Ya gotta trowel it!"

I do love that audio ambiance nod to the original film running under this interview.
posted by ovvl at 2:23 PM on December 1, 2013

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