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Carson Mell is an author and filmmaker/animator with a voice somewhere between Allen Ginsberg and Brad Neely.

In no particular order, his creations include:

Hard-living, wild-urged, cotton-shirted rockstar Bobby Bird, subject of the biography Saguaro (teaser) as well as several videos:
Chonto, a winding 13-minute meditation on life, friendship and apes.
The Devil in Denim, an explanation of his tattoos.
A monologue about some of his albums.

Alcoholic guitarist Charles Leslie deBeau and his encounters with the fading alt. country band The Blue Bourbon Orchestra, described in the book of the same name (teaser trailer).

Tarantula, a series focussing on warm-hearted, soft-voiced vagrant and belt-buckle-collector Echo Johnson:
A-1 : "Nightmares" - Echo Johnson describes his good friend and fellow Tarantula resident, Lucas Reed.
A-2 : "Fancy Party" - Echo's infatuation with a mysterious "woman in white" leads to a misadventure involving a cheap knock-off of a renaissance masterpiece.…
A-3 : "Belt Buckles" - Echo Johnson shares his one and only "collection."
A-4 : "Ultimate Erotic Castle" - Lucas reads an excerpt of his new novel "U.E.C."
A-5 : "Hangover & Swastika" - Echo Johnson contends with a hangover and history during the course of a single Sunday afternoon.
A-6 : "Dancing Salad" - Echo Johnson trades culinary delights with his friend and neighbor Espy Echeverria.…
A-7: "Tattoos" - Echo Johnson attempts to engage a client with stories of tattoos past.
A-8: "Fire!" - Echo Johnson and Lucas Reed save a few kids from some fire.

The extremely intense explanations of squash-nosed rogue academic Dr Benjamin Dasse:
(The Person Song)

A couple of bits from some version of himself:
The Writer
The Writer Reads

The short sci-fi tale Field Notes From Dimension X

Music videos:
Miles Jopling - Cold Operator
Sincere Blues - Monster

He's also done some scramble-storied, lo-fi videos with Grant Falardeau.

Vice interviewed him.
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