Black hi hats
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Drummer Dave Black was a long time educator in drum set education. Here he shows that a drummer can express himself completely only using one instrument, in this case the the hi hat.
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Watching a five-minute hi-hat solo is not for everyone, but it sure as goddamn is for me.
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Great, great stuff. I'm really glad to see someone holding the sticks correctly, too. And his elbows are in. Man, when I was a young student, my teacher (who was a big band drummer for decades) would whack the shit outta my elbows with a 2B if I let them fly. The relaxed economy of motion isn't something you see a lot of today.
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Here's Carl Pannuzzo display relaxed economy of motion, including a turn on the Disappearing Snare. While singing his fucking heart out.

I love these guys.
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Currently attempting to pick my jaw up off the floor. Incroyable!!
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That guy is a bad-ass.
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I was fully expecting to find this about as interesting/necessary as Manowar's cymbal solo from their Triumph Of Steel album

But holy fuck, I was wrong. This is amazing.
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mind = blown
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Probably shouldn't make it my ring tone, though.
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